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All money donated goes directly to fund the production of the books.  I am a writer and publisher, and I need the help of talented artists to make the comics come to life.  As a former SFX artist, I believe artists should be compensated fairly for their talent, and good art cost money. Until now, I have been funding the books with my own money.  This has been a good thing, because it slowed me down and forced me to take the time and learn how to make quality comics in a digital world. 

Oort Cloud now has a great new website designed to better showcase the books and act as a platform to allow readers to read the books for free.  I have several scripts waiting to go into production, and more ideas for new stories ready to go. That's where you come in.  

If successful, I plan to feature stories of other talented writers, and eventually expand to take submissions from comic creative teams out there waiting for a chance to get their comics made. There is no limit to where we can go, with your help... creating great comics from Chicago to the edge of the solar system.

Thank you for considering donating to Oort Cloud Comics.
-Pat Killik