Oort Cloud comics are Free!

Oort Cloud comics are now free to read online on this site.  Click on the navigation bar at the top of the site to read Shepperton's Waltz and Issue #1 of Dubious Tales.  Issue #2 is in production and pages will be appearing here soon.

I'd like to say it's a move that I've been considering and waiting for just the right time to pull the trigger on, but I won't lie. I was forced to revamp the site when my old internet host told me I couldn't afford them anymore.  They were cool and helped me move the site to another hosting service without a hitch, but the move inspired me to step back and take a fresh look at the site.  What am I really trying to accomplish online?  More importantly, why am I failing so badly?

Without really answering those questions fully, I decided to move the site to Squarespace and streamline the content.  I was getting close to finishing the work, and feeling relatively pleased with the results when I had the chance to visit and talk with a very wise friend of mine.  He suggested I do the next Oort Cloud story as a webcomic to give people a reason to visit the site.  I saw the wisdom in what he was saying, agreeing that it would be a good way to go in the future. 

But later that night, I was looking at the site I had just rebuilt.  A comic book website.  With no comics. Duh. Face palm. Maybe it was time change my whole approach to making comics.  What's the priority? Selling comics or having people read and enjoy them.  It's obvious what answer I'm going with.  Jump onto FB or Twitter and let me know if you like the results.